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Unique sells

Reducing the friction during the close of a sale is super important to your business. When a client can’t figure out which of your products best fits their need they don’t buy.
When you try to force your data into an off the shelf shopping cart your products may not be presented well. It may be a style that isn’t displayed, or an option that conveyed well to the customer. Either way the end result is a missed sale.

Our custom shopping cart gives you the ability to present your products to the customer in the best possible way. You can make the users experience far better than your competitor’s (who are likely using an off the shelf solution).
We can also handle any special checkout requirement that you can think up.

Case Study: DotMommy.com

DotMommy is a disruptive company in the new mother’s health care space.

When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law it opened an opportunity to provide quality breast pumps to virtually any pregnant woman.

Their challenge was that the site needed to handle the transaction in a very specific way. It needed to both sell and rent products, handle shipping, accept returned rental items and process customer inquiries.

In addition, it needed to be able to verify health care coverage and accept prescriptions in a HIPAA secure environment.

So, that’s exactly what we built.

The problem with off the shelf shopping carts...

Your business is built on the unique value that you provide to your customers. When you use an off the shelf shopping cart it makes you look just like your competitors. That’s not good if you’re trying to stand out.

Off the shelf carts have a pre-defined system for handling orders and customer service. That means your business processes need to conform to their system. It also means that your customer’s experience will pretty much mimic every other site you’re competing with. Again, this is horrible if you’re trying to differentiate yourself.

Security & Hackers

Just about once a week you hear about a site being hacked and customer information being accessed. This is horrible if you’re that company. You’re now faced with losing the trust of your customers, the liability of the loss, and repairing the system.


Many of the security problems that ecommerce sites face can be traced to their off-the-shelf, and open source roots.

Consider a burglar that is assessing a home to break into. Are they likely to break into the home with the alarm, cameras, and a guard dog? Probably not. Especially when there is a home next door that has multiple windows open, and they have a map to the valuables.

That’s essentially what’s going on in the open-source shopping cart world. The software uses the same structure for every install. The data is put in the same place, same format, etc. Anyone can download the source code for free and look for vulnerabilities.

That’s exactly what hackers do. They pour over the code looking for vulnerabilities. When they find one they’re able to access thousands of off-the-shelf sites with it.

Custom software is different in a lot of ways. First, the underlying code itself is not open to the public. That’s huge! It keeps hackers on the other side of the globe (and competitors across the street) from knowing how your site works, and where the valuables are.

Next it has built in security features that are unique to your company. So, while every system is “hackable”, it is extremely unlikely that a custom coded and properly maintained site would be.