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DME Liquidators

DME Liquidators

Business Problem

This client is in the mergers & acquisitions business. In 2012 they saw a market opportunity in U.S. medical device industry. Their goal was to automate the process of matching buyers and sellers of medical equipment businesses.

The Solution

We developed a very user friendly interface for both the buyer and the seller. The seller can log in, create their business’s profile and have it displayed anonymously. The buyer goes through a vetting process, then gains access to the system. Once in, the buyer can review the publicly provided information. If they’re interested in learning more, the system creates a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), obtains signatures, and presents the seller to the buyer. If the buyer approves they can authorize release of confidential information.

The system makes it possible for buyers and sellers to find each other very quickly – without needing to rely on a broker.

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March 1, 2016


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