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Diamond Healthcare Corporate Website



Diamond came to us with a 2013 era website that had been hacked. The content was stale (at best), but what’s worse is that it now contained malware. They needed a new website with fresh content (and they needed it yesterday).


This became a mission critical issue for Diamond. We took over the project at 3:35 PM PST. Our engineering team quickly determined that migrating their site may actually bring the malware with it. So, the decision was made to start from scratch (7:15 PM PST). We put two writers, two designers, and a developer on the project. Within 24 hours we had a working prototype that was signed off by the client. Roughly twelve hours later our testing and turn up was complete. Diamond was back online.


Diamond is back online with a new website that is optimized for today’s SEO environment. Since the re-launch we’ve seen:

148% increase in page views
93% increase in pages visited during a session
34% increase in time on site